• Sunday breakfast on Main Beach Forster

    What a perfect day in Paradise! A beautiful August day with a strong feeling of Spring, the day is spectacular, great day for swimming, boating and most importantly for a lazy breakfast in the sun. Perfect for this is the Sicilian on North street who have great service and the best eggs Benedict.   With […]

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  • Janette Murray shares her favourite recipe

    Janette makes a very special tortellini for her family,  this is a version of her recipe from sanjeevkapoor.com that you may enjoy. Spinach and Fetta tortellini You will need: Lasagne sheets Feta cheese 25 grams Spinach leaves (palak) blanched 12-15 Onion 2 medium Olive oil 2 tablespoons Garlic chopped 2 teaspoons Fresh oregano a few Pine […]

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  • What is your favourite Soul food David Hunt?

    Fresh Salad

    We asked David Hunt, a South African who has lived all over the world and decided to relocated to the coast, where he runs a busy business and embraces the coastal lifestyle. This is his soul food   His favourite recipe is a Paleo recipe of spicy meat balls with a sweet potato mash and […]

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  • Sue Richards – Banana Bread

    BANANA BREAD This is a Pete Evans recipe so it is Paleo and I have found it fantastic, and have done it with my own twist…. Try it you will be very happy with it. P.S  Also, just as a tip  I grease the tin with butter or spray oil , works a treat..enjoy Ingredients 250 ml […]

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  • Juice recipes for health

    juice for health

    Passionate, energetic and inspirational are words used to describe Trish Tucker-May from Passion 4 Juice. Trish combines her passion for freedom, travel, adventure and keeping people healthy. Passion 4 Juice is an award winning business operating in Australia and the UK. She has endless energy for her kids and her business as she follows the […]

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