Sunday breakfast on Main Beach Forster

What a perfect day in Paradise!

A beautiful August day with a strong feeling of Spring, the day is spectacular, great day for swimming, boating and most importantly for a lazy breakfast in the sun.

Perfect for this is the Sicilian on North street who have great service and the best eggs Benedict.


With a great amount of character and a huge sense of humour this is what the Sicilian has to say..
The Restaurant

The Sicilian revives the 1940s inspired Italian dining experience.
We are very demanding when it comes to the things we put in our mouth.
We don’t settle for second best. It is nothing personal.
It is just business. And good food is good business.
We don’t want to waste anybody’s time because time is money.
Pay us a visit and we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

We are The Sicilian.


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