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There is a great amount of discussion at the present time to the redevelopment of Memorial Drive in the main business district of Forster.

Memorial Drive is the waterside of the main shopping centre and is a wonderful space for locals and tourists alike and is the lifeblood entrance to the main shops for the retail sector.  As a rapidly growing and developing tourist area it is vital for us all who live here to ensure that the future development of the town is something we are happy and proud of.

There is an opportunity for you to have input into this future by looking at the options and having your say or to perhaps to suggest a compromise between the two options or a relevant alternative.

Here is some information from Mid coast council:

Help us make the most of Memorial Drive

On display until 7 September 2016, 12:00AM

The final stage in improving the Memorial Drive foreshore will soon take place between the Little Street carpark and Blows Lane.  This upgrade will extend the walkway / cycleway through to Tuncurry, but involves forfeiting some car-parking.  Tell us how you’d like to use this section of the Memorial Drive foreshore by reviewing the two proposed designs below, and then completing our short online survey.

Plan A:  More parking, less space

Plan A is ideal for those who visit the area for business or shopping and want the convenience of parking in Memorial Drive. This option will result in the loss of around 4 car-parks, but only provide a small area of additional green space.

Aerial View showing Plan A. This joins the path from Little Street to the bridge. It retains current parking (around 4 spaces lost). The plan provides a small amount of additional green space. A walkway / cycleway run along the kerb in parts.
Plan B:  Less parking, more space

This plan is perfect for people who view Memorial Drive as a haven within the CBD, and want more green space for relaxation and recreation. This option will open up much more green space with trees and seating along the waterside, but means the loss of around 21 car-parks.

Aerial view of Memorial Drive showing Plan B. This plan joins the path from Little street to the bridge and maximises additional green space. This plan offers greater pedestrian and clyclist safety. There would be reduced traffic and reduced parking, with around 21 spaces lost.

Have your say!  Tell us which option you prefer, by taking our survey now.

If you go the Mid Coast Council website you can do their survey

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