Isabelle Stanley makes Prawns and salsa verde and cabbage salad

Episode 4 Isabelle Stanley Prawns with Salsa Verde and Cabbage Salad from COAST FOOD FOR THOUGHT on Vimeo.

Isabelle makes Prawns with Salsa Verde and Cabbage Salad

Isabelle Stanley

Izzy is a young Chef from London who loves traveling the world and has a strong family connection with Australia. She recently spent some time on the Mid North Coast, traveling with her father, Shaun Stanley, an artist who has been painting the Australian landscape for over thirty years.

Izzy’s Dish


Izzy took some great local prawns and cooked them up with lots of produce from the garden to create a wonderful fresh dish; Prawns with Salsa Verde and Cabbage Salad. This dish is a wonderful combination of local produce and European style cooking.

Salsa Verde Ingredients

Parsley small handful finely chopped
Mint small handful finely chopped
Anchovies 3 roughly chopped
Capers 1 tsp roughly chopped
Few chopped dried chilli flakes

Chopped Lemon zest quarter tsp
Olive oil 250 ml
Should not need seasoning

Cabbage Salad Ingredients


White cabbage half a head chopped into thin strips
Mixed herbs big handful (parsley, mint, chervil, dill) finely chopped
Lemon juice 1-2 lemons



Big glug olive oil
Prawns 3 for starter or 6 for main ( leave on head and base of tail but peel off middle body)

Olive oil to cook with Seasoning



First assemble cabbage salad and let sit for at least 15 minutes to allow lemon juice to soften cabbage.  Adjust seasoning if required

Mix all ingredients for salsa verde should be of a dressing consistency, adjust olive oil if required. Add more chopped capers if under seasoned

To cook the prawns heat a heavy based frying pan until hot. Add olive oil and prawns and season. Do not over crowd the pan,  do in batches if necessary. Cook prawns for 30 to 45 seconds on each side of until translucent all the way through.

To plate, place prawns on top of the cabbage salad and dress with salsa verde. Serve with a wedge of lemon.


Special thank you to Isabelle Stanley who lives and works in London as a chef.

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