Juice recipes for health

juice recipes for health

Passionate, energetic and inspirational are words used to describe Trish Tucker-May from Passion 4 Juice.

Trish combines her passion for freedom, travel, adventure and keeping people healthy.

Passion 4 Juice is an award winning business operating in Australia and the UK. She has endless energy for her kids and her business as she follows the sun, spreading warmth and the healing energy of her juicy taste sensations. Be inspired, motivated and impressed.

Her energy is infectious and 32 years of juicing definitely shows – she squeezers a lot out of life! Trish serves fresh pressed juice at festivals, events and retreats. She is also available for workshops, coaching, retreats, and cookery theatre demonstrations. Trish has written a recipe book on the healing power of juice and shares her recipes online at www.passion4juice.com

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Easy Raw Food Recipes and Juice recipes for health

Are you feeling tired all the time? Did you overeat at Christmas? Going raw and eating nutrient dense, wholesome foods will help you feel more energised and ready for the year. Try some of these delicious recipes to help you feel energised, healthy and happy
Try one of these juice recipes for health

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Don’t forget try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun, that is what life is about on the coast, where we meet the locals,their friends, family, the homes they live in, the real estate they enjoy and the lives they live.

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