Seductive Havana

Seductive Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba

Lonely Planet asks the question.. Why go there?

“Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are there.. Waves crashing against a mildewed sea wall, a young couple cavorting in a dark, dilapidated alley, guitars and voices harmonizing over a syncopated drum rhythm, sunlight slanting across rotten peeling paintwork, a handsome youth in a guayabera shirt leaning against a Lada, the smell of diesel fumes and cheap aftershave , tourists with Hemmingway beards, Che Guevara on a billboard, a banknote, a keyring a T shirt… No one could have invented Havana.  It is to audacious to contradictory and despite 50 years of withering neglect…too damned beautiful.  How it does it is anyone’s guess.  Maybe it is the swashbuckling history, the survivalist spirit, or the indefatigable salsa energy that ricochets off walls and emanates most emphatically from the people.  Don’t come here looking for answers.  Just arrive with an open mind and prepare yourself for a long slow seduction.”

How very true is this.  It is the most wonderful city, full of beautiful decaying buildings and a warm and welcoming people.  It is safe to travel around, wonderful to explore and photograph. If you can take some time it is truly one of the most amazing cities in the world and very worth making the trip to visit.

We were extremely lucky to have a guide arranged for us by Blake at eclipsetravel.  His name was Abel la Rosa Camero  and he was amazing.  He was a real character, typically Cuban charming, he showed us his Cuba, and we fell in love.  Havana is a city to be entranced with, but it does help to be shown around by a local. He can be contacted either through or via his facebook page.

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