Paddock to Plate with Kate Brittan

Classic steak with peppercorn sauce

Join Kate on an amazing journey through the most beautiful parts of the Mid North Coast of NSW. Kate meets a local farmer to see how grass fed cattle are raised, she visits her local butcher to lean about the best cuts of meat and finally prepares an absolute classic steak with peppercorn sauce.  This is her recipe:

– scotch fillet, sirloin or eye fillet steak

– olive oil

– natural salt and pepper

Peppercorn Sauce
– 500 mls of natural/home made beef stock or bone broth

– 1-2 tins/jars of green or pink peppercorns in brine

– 1 teaspoon of *Bonox

– 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce

– 50 grams of cold butter

Serve with:

Roasted potatoes and green beans

Heat oven to 220C if cooking roast potatoes. Heat to 180C if not using the oven for another product.

The key to a successful dish is preparation, in the foodie world we call this ‘mis en place’… everything in it’s place… have everything set up so you’re ready to go, then all your elements will be ready at the correct time.

Oil and season your steak with salt and pepper and leave out until the steak is at completely room temperature.
At this stage put oiled and seasoned potatoes in the oven on the bottom shelf, prep beans and get the water ready on the stove to cook them.
* the best way to cook potatoes is to start on a very hot oven for about 20 mins then reduce to 180c. Start cooking the steak once the oven temp has been reduced and the potatoes are nearly cooked. The steak will take about 10-20 mins to cook including resting time.

Heat a heavy based, oven proof pan to very hot on the stove top and add steak, sear until golden on each side. (You do not need to add oil to the pan as your steaks are ready to go) The side of the steak that is facing down when placed in the oven needs less searing as it will continue to sear in the oven.
Time in the oven will differ depending on steak cut, thickness, temperature and how you like to eat it. You do not need to cook it for a long time, 5 – 7 mins will usually do the trick. Give the steak a good poke with your finger to see if it’s ready.
Rest steak for at least half it’s cooking time, including time spent on the stove.
* at this stage, make sure the water is boiling for your beans. Season the water with some salt and prepare a bowl with a little oil, salt and pepper ready to receive your beans for tossing once their cooked.

Once steak is resting, heat the steak pan to med (use a tea towel, the pan will handle will be hot!), add the beef stock. Deglazed all the good stuff off the bottom of the pan, add a little Bonox to taste, add peppercorns and reduce until the sauce reaches your preferred taste. Add Worcestershire sauce to taste.
* If you cannot get a good quality beef stock, just use Bonox. Prepare the Bonox as stated on the jar. Reduce as stated above.

* Add beans to water at this stage, you will need to cook them for about 4-5 mins.

Once steak is rested, sauce is reduced, potatoes and beans are cooked; add meat juices to your sauce, blend then turn of the heat. Add cold butter to the sauce and stir continually until butter is emulsified with the sauce. It should look velvety.
Plate up and enjoy!

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