Introducing Zoe Strapp and Akua Oceanwear


Recently we have discovered the beautiful Zoe Strapp, creator and owner of the wonderful Akua Oceanwear. Zoe has combined her talent with her love of the ocean to bring Australia a wonderful range of ocean wear that supports environmental awareness…..

‘There’s no place like home. For all you coastal lovers, ocean explorers and sunshine beauties, there’s a reason we picked up our lives, left the big city and found our own little paradise on Australia’s mesmerising coast line.

This is the exact reason and inspiration that started Akua Oceanwear.

My name is Zoe Strapp and I am the creator and owner of sustainable swimwear brand Akua Oceanwear. My creativity was brought to life living on the slightly colder end of Australia’s coast line, at Bells Beach in Victoria. The incredible lifestyle that I am now blessed with, from surfing everyday, to countless sandy walks and the beauty of a true community, is the reason I created Akua Oceanwear.

Akua Oceanwear is an exciting combination of surf ready swimwear, sustainable oceans and promoting the amazing lifestyle, adventures and success of women worldwide. Encompassing what it means to explore the excitement of surfing, diving and the natural wonders of our world. Akua inspires to bring out the spark and confidence in every woman, taking their ocean odysseys to new heights.


In the unique design of each Akua piece, I always aim to achieve that perfect surf ready fit, no matter if this means surfing all day, cricket on the beach or tropical snorkel ventures, Akua’s goal is to ensure every girl is out there, living the life!!


I always knew this brand meant more to me than just surfing and travel.  It was an opportunity to promote the importance of sustainable seas and marine conservation. Everyday we watch and listen to the ocean, swim in it, surf, dive, fish and take beach holidays, the ocean is continually giving us happiness and beauty. For this reason, there seemed no better way to make a change, then by combing my love of the ocean with creating and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.


In support of this passion, Akua is dedicated to the use of ‘No Plastic’ in the production and distribution of all ocean wear. Plastic is one of the biggest concerns facing our ocean today and something that we can easily reduce!

Akua Oceanwear donates $2 from every purchase to a chosen marine conservation organisation, currently New Heaven Conservation, an inspirational group of people on a small island in Thailand, Koh Tao, putting all their time and effort into preserving the local coral reef and educating the surrounding community.’

Discover our 2017 Tropical Kiss Collection today and Click here to shop for your next ocean odyssey


This month’s news!

This month, in support of Akua sustainable passion, we are proud to be a part of Plastic Free July, an amazing opportunity to spread the word about the harmful effect of plastic in our oceans, and how simple a small change can be. We all live crazy lives, from work, kids and those very important surf / coffee dates, I understand how hard it can be to change things. Plastic free doesn’t have to be hard, it can be as easy as leaving your cotton shopping bags in your car, remembering to take a re-usable coffee cup, or if you forget ask for no lid. Every thousand pieces of micro plastic in our ocean started as one piece in our hand, so every piece you don’t use can certainly make a change.

To help Akua make a change and support a Plastic Free July, jump onto our blog or social media to follow and pledge a simple plastic free change in your life. For the chance to win our perfect summer gift pack, put together by a group of inspirational Eco Australian brands, enter using the link below.

Click link to Enter & Win Akua’s Plastic Free Giveaway

Zoe Strapp

Creator & Owner of Akua Oceanwear


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