Frazer Island -the best family holiday

Beep, beep, beep…..

A 4 am wake up call, although I think we were all awake with anticipation for the adventure we were about to embark on.

With the rumble of 4wds our convoy deflate tyres, check the campers and head off to board the first barge heading to the world’s largest sand island – Fraser Island.

After making it through the infamous Inskip Point without a hitch we rounded the bend, and what a sight she was. We were met with the sun peeking impatiently over the water, seemingly awaiting our arrival to put on a gorgeous sunrise.

To our surprise we were the first in line, the kids couldn’t believe we were driving onto a boat!!

Once our tyres touched down on the island we were hit with how big and vast it actually is. Enormous sand dunes and crashing waves as far as the eye could see, we had made it to paradise.

Our convoy made the journey to our campsite at Waddy Point, where we had a group site situated inside a fenced area as not to allow the dingos in, it didn’t stop the cane toads!!! We had amenities within walking distance and soon become accustomed to making the most of short showers – $2 got you three minutes of hot water!

A short stroll across the sand and the kids could run onto the beach, they have now started calling the beach a highway, as they had to look left and right before crossing due to all the 4WDs.

Our very first day at the beach the animals were on display for us, everything from whales passing by, giant sea turtles catching the waves, inquisitive dingoes and much to the kids delight a massive starfish cruising past our feet!

It is a very magical place.

Our day trips had us venture to Lake Mackenzie – with white sand and exotic blue water, far too beautiful for words.

Pub lunches at Kindfisher Bay.

Viewing the deteriorating wreck of the Maheno, which once served as a hospital ship.

Champagne pools – where the crashing waves seemed like champagne bubbles in the protected rock pools.

Central station – where we walked through the original loggers cabins from the 1920s.

Floating down the crystal clear waters of Eli creek, and just enjoying the beach and all the 4wd tracks the island has to offer.

The boys even bought a boat and went out deep sea fishing!


At night we were feasting like kings, being well prepared I had pre-cooked a lot of meals which took the hassle out of cooking on those days we just wanted to kick back with a cold one. Our meals were everything from spaghetti, roast lamb and chicken, tacos, the fish the boys caught, and even a birthday cake for one of the kids, freshly baked!

For cooking we had a gas oven with hot plates, a gas BBQ plate and the camp oven which goes directly onto the coals.


We kept all of the dry foods stored in lockable tubs, there is a fine for having food left out. We had two Waeco fridge/freezers – a 95L which stayed at the campsite and a 35L that travelled on the back of the ute with us. We kept a little 8L in between the kids seats to keep drinks and things cold on drives too.

Our power was from batteries, which connected to the camper trailer, ran our fridge/freezer, our lights, our pump for the sink, and our phone chargers. To charge the batteries we had solar panels or we were able to charge back through the car on our day trips.


Fraser Island definitely did not disappoint, with its contrasting landscapes you can go from crystal clear beaches to lush rainforests within minutes, it provides so many places to see and things to do.

It was an amazing family holiday, with most days ending with the kids asking to go to bed as the days were so fun filled!

We made life long memories and we will definitely return to this magnificent island.

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