Fat Samuel’s Chocolate Mousse

Fat Samuel loves chocolate!

Pam Higgins
Pam Higgins

Unfortunately Fat Samuel can’t eat eggs, but she has developed the best Chocolate Mousse recipe, which she can’t eat, however she makes it for family and friends. Try it you will love it…

Here is Fat Samuel’s Chocolate Mouse

You will need:
4 eggs
4oz dark chocolate
2 tablespoons castor sugar
2 tablespoons of Brandy

Separate the eggs
Beat whites until they are stiff
Melt the chocolate over pan of hot water then stir in the egg yokes and sugar.


Keep stirring until thickens (about 2 minutes)
Add Brandy and stir until mixed in
Remove from heat, cool a little then fold in stiff egg whites
Pour into bowl or separate dishes

Serve with cream or berries


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