Episode 5 - One Mile Beach Hamburger

Tucked away on the beach front of One Mile Beach, in the surf club is the most fantastic Kiosk.  Kiosk at One Mile Trading Friday Night (Daylight Saving) Sat & Sun 9am Till 2ish is the place to be to meet and to eat at the beach over the summer months. Meg a dynamic and energetic person runs one of the the best Kiosk on the coast and her specialty is The works Burger!

Come to the beach, enjoy the sun and the fun and grab a burger.


This is the traditional Aussie Burger that can be made with lots of variations.

To begin, visit your local butcher and source some really good quality mince or rissoles to make your beef patties.



Beef Patty

Brioche Bun









BBQ Sauce



Toast the Brioche bun and then add BBQ Sauce, lettuce, tomato and beetroot.

Fry your beef patty, egg, bacon, onion and pineapple on the grill (BBQ hotplate is best) and assemble on the hotplate with cheese on top.

Place on bun, on top of your beetroot and then add the top of your bun. 


Enjoy with crunchy chips!

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